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  • CAMEL NOTE SET /from SAND RIDDLES book ر.س20.00 شامل الضريبة

    A set of three greeting cards
a note pad in a folder


    In stock

  • FLOWER GIFT BAG /From LET’S PLAY Book ر.س55.00 شامل الضريبة

    Paper handbag.

    Items Included:
– 4 mini cards with envelopes
– Note pad
– Mini erasers

    – Mini coloring book
– Stickers

    In stock

  • HICCUPS ر.س45.00 شامل الضريبة

    HARDBACK.2012 (Lift-the-flap Book + 4 Mini greeting cards) + sheet of stickers

    Little Leen has the hiccups. She wants them to stop. Nothing makes them go away, until her brother attempts to scare them away. But what is Leen afraid of?

    Language: English

    Ages: 2-8


    In stock

  • LIZARD GIFT BOX /From HICCUPS Book ر.س55.00 شامل الضريبة


    Items Included:
Stickers  –  4 Notecards  –  Notepad  –  Eraser  –  Bookmark  –

    Colouring booklet

    In stock

  • MY DUA’A PRAYER CARDS ر.س15.00 شامل الضريبة


    Enveope with 5 illustrated prayer cards for children

    Language: Arabic

    Ages: 0-100


    In stock

  • ONE HUNDRED (GIFT SET) ر.س70.00 شامل الضريبة

    PAPERBACK. 2015

    Gift set includes: Book, folder, stickers, sketchbook, mini colouring book)

    What happens when a Saudi princess decides to go camping? Let’s find out through this funny and cultural story.

    In stock

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